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The Winners Guide to Lower Body Training

            When it comes to exercising, a lot of people unfortunately tend to neglect their lower bodies. Don’t be one of those people! Fitness should be about improving your body as a whole and your lower body makes up half of that whole. Read on to learn a few effective tips for properly training everything from your legs to your behind.

            Our first tip for you is to practice a resistance training routine for your lower body. Specifically, this routine should consist of exercises that effectively target your leg muscles and buttock muscles. An example of one of the best exercises to use in this routine is the compound move known as the squat. The squat is great since it essentially targets pretty much all of your lower body muscle groups in one single move. To do this exercise, spread both of your feet apart, extend your arms, slowly lower your buttocks, and slowly rise back up to return to your starting position. Some other great lower body resistance exercises you should incorporate in to this routine are the lunge, calf raise, and leg press.

            A second tip we have for you is to do cardiovascular types of exercise. In particular, we recommend exercises such as biking, running, walking, or anything else that requires you to use your lower body. Also, consider appropriate sports such as soccer, tennis, basketball, and so forth.

             We recommend that you do both resistance training and cardiovascular training on a weekly basis to help get the best results. For resistance training exercises, like the squat, do a few sets of about 10 repetitions of this exercise with rest in between each set. Once you get more advanced, gradually use some weights for even more resistance. With advancement also try out variations of moves like the squat, such as the Bulgarian split squat or the hack squat. As for cardiovascular exercises, try to make sessions a duration of at least roughly 30 minutes. However, as you build up your endurance, slowly increase the length of time.

            As with your upper body, you need the right nutrition plan in addition to an effective exercise regimen to get the maximum results. Before your workouts, you should eat foods that give you energy, such as a banana. An energy enhancing pre-workout supplement would be beneficial too. After your workouts, you should consume foods that promote muscle growth. Specifically, you should consume anything high in protein, such as a 100% Platinum Standard Whey shake. You should also take a post workout supplement for optimal recovery from your workouts.

            As mentioned earlier, fitness should be about the improvement of your whole body. If you only focus on your upper body, your overall physique would not be proportionate. Has the phrase “chicken legs” come to your mind at all yet? To avoid having “chicken legs,” simply refer to the tips stated to effectively train your lower body.

Do you know of any other good lower body training tips to recommend? If so, leave them in the comments section below!

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