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Eating enough protein is a very easy way to boost muscle and strength gains as well as post-workout recovery.

While whole foods can offer all of your protein, it’s also common to supplement with whey because:

1. It’s easier to eat lots of protein because it’s convenient and delicious

2. It’s ideal to build muscle with because it’s abundant in essential amino acids and is easily digested and absorbed

The reality is that if you’re trying to gain muscle, lose fat, or simply maintain your body’s composition and health, whey protein is beneficial.

For these reasons, Winners Whey Protein Isolate was made to be better than the others…

1. Winners Whey is 100% whey protein isolate, having over 90% protein by weight.

Whey protein isolate is the highest quality whey available, which is why Winners Whey has 25g of protein per serving, just 1g of carbohydrate, and 0g of fat.

This means you won’t be ingesting calories from your shakes in the form of carbs or fat and can get them from food instead.

2. Winners Whey is made from high quality milk from sustainable dairy farms in Ireland.

Everyone knows that Irish dairy farms produce exceptionally healthy and clean milk, which is certified by Ireland’s Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS). This certification means that farmers use best practices when it comes to animal welfare, product quality, sustainability, traceability, and soil and grass management.

If you want to drink protein shakes that are clean, high in protein, and very healthy, then Winners Whey is your perfect choice.

3. Winners Whey is the most delicious, all-natural whey protein isolate.

No Joke. 

Even if you mix it with just water, you’ll love the taste. For a decadent dessert, mix it with milk or any milk substitute.

4. Winners Whey is very easy on your stomach.

Ever feel bloated after drinking a protein shake?

This is because the quality of protein you drank was low (many of the protein powders on the market are of very low quality)

Winners Whey is different because it’s lactose-free and made from some of the highest quality dairy in the world to ensure you don’t get indigestion, stomach aches, or gas.

5. Winners Whey is 100% natural.

Winners Whey is naturally flavored and has NO artificial food dyes, fillers, or needless junk ingredients.

Try Winners Whey today if you want a clean, natural, delicious whey protein isolate without any useless excipients.

We’re confident that you’ll love it, which is why we offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose. You can look forward to drinking delicious, high-protein, low-calorie shakes that will quickly help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Goal of Winners Whey Protein Isolate Powder

In order to be worthy of a being a quality protein powder, Winners Whey had to:

1. Maximize the amount of protein and minimize the amount of carbohydrates and fat.

If you’re like most people, then you prefer to get your carbs and fat from eating food and not from drinking protein shakes. This allows for optimal caloric intake.

2. Be free of lactose, artificial flavoring, gluten, MSG, and GMOs.

If you are lactose intolerant, taking a lactose-free whey protein offers you better digestibility without upsetting your stomach.

If you have celiac disease or have a sensitivity to gluten then it’s important that you avoid all forms of gluten. 

Winners Whey does not contain any MSG despite it being commonly used to mask whey’s bitter flavor. 1  

Some research has shown that people can experience harsh symptoms after eating MSG. 2, 3, 4

When it comes to GMOs, many scientists think more research is needed before we decide to fully incorporate them into our diets and food supply chain. Due to the uncertainty around them, Winners Whey doesn’t contain any.

3. Come from cows that don’t contain antibiotics or hormones

Scientific evidence indicates that drinking milk from cows that have been given these drugs can increase the risk of disease in certain people. 5

4. Have a great taste and texture

Noone likes drinking an all-natural shake that is gritty and/or has just an average taste. It’s important to drink something that you crave.

Why Use 100% Whey Isolate?

There are three types of whey protein available. They are:

1. Whey concentrate – cheap to manufacture and is the least processed type. It contains fat and lactose and, depending on its quality, has 35 – 80% protein by weight. 6

2. Whey isolate – more processed than whey concentrate to remove fat and lactose, therefore costlier to produce and buy.  Contains around 90% protein by weight. 7

3. Whey hydrolysate – has been “hydrolyzed” to split the amino acid chains into smaller bits for easier digestion.

Both low-quality whey concentrate and high-quality whey isolate can be used to create whey hydrolysate. 

The hydrolysis process is why it is called hydrolysate and contributes to its higher cost.

This is the most expensive type of whey protein.

Almost always, the cheapest type of whey will be whey concentrate but that isn’t always the best option.

Yes, there are whey concentrates on the market that have 80% protein content but they are difficult to find since there are very few of them. Most have just 30% protein content.

Ask yourself if all you’re getting from your whey protein 30% protein content, what does the other 70% contain?

Since the supplement industry sells many impure products (excipients like maltodextrin, cheap amino acids, and even flour have been used), we can only guess. 8

Taking a pure whey protein isolate powder ensures that you’re getting pure protein with very little additives.

Whey protein isolate powder also has no lactose because it’s been removed and that means proper digestibility and less stomach aches.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” rings true regarding whey protein powder.

However, the most expensive protein powder doesn’t always equate to the best protein powder.

Enter the “blend”. This occurs when cost-cutting supplement companies use low-quality whey concentrate as a base and then mix in small amounts of whey isolate and hydrolysate.

Despite what the marketing hype will have you believe, this results in an inferior whey protein due to the tiny amount of whey isolate and hydrolysate present.

“Amino spiking” is another way that companies try to put blinders on you.

It involves adding inferior amino acids to the protein powder and then incorrectly including them in the total protein count. Technicalities in the law about the supplement facts panel allow them to do this.

For example, say a company sells an inferior protein powder that contains just 15 grams of protein per serving. They then add cheap amino acids to it and market it as having more protein per serving than it actually does, say 20 grams of protein per serving.

Since protein is a compound chain of up to 21 different amino acids, such trickery can legally occur.

Why does “amino spiking” exist? Two reasons:

1. Profit maximization:  high quality protein is costly while amino acids aren’t

2. Flavor enhancement: amino acids are easier to flavor since they are naturally sweet

As a consumer, the best way you can protect yourself against these industry tricks is to check the list of ingredients, serving size, and the amount of protein per serving, which is indicated on the supplement facts panel.

The ingredients are listed from the largest amount by weight to the smallest. So when buying whey protein powder, take note of the order of the ingredients as well as the amount of protein per scoop in relation to the scoop size.

The first ingredient in a whey protein product should be whey concentrate, isolate, or hydrolysate.

 If it says milk protein (considered to be lower quality and thus cheaper), maltodextrin (a filler), or anything else (other fillers) then avoid it because it’s low quality protein.

Another red flag would be if you weighed a full scoop and it weighed 40 grams but the amount of protein per serving indicated is just 20 grams.

This indicates that there are other ingredients inside and unless they are what you want, you should avoid this whey protein product.

Be suspicious if you discover a protein powder that contains any added amino acids.

Added amino acids add zero value to whey protein and are usually a good indicator of it being amino spiked despite them being marketed as an innovation.

Conversely, an excellent whey protein powder has the following characteristics:

1. The first ingredient listed will be whey protein concentrate, isolate, or hydrolysate

This tells you that there is more whey protein than anything else inside.

2. The actual protein you get per scoop is close to the size of the scoop

They keyword here is “close” because it must also contain other necessary ingredients like sweetener, flavoring, and anti-clumping agents.

3. It’ll never have additional amino acids

Whey protein doesn’t need to have added amino acids, including BCAA’s. So if it does, it’s most likely amino spiked.

Winners Whey is Made from High Quality Milk from Green Dairy Farms in Ireland

There are many good reasons why we pay extra to source whey protein from small, family-owned Irish farms.

1. Dairy regulations in Ireland are tougher than in the USA 9

It comes down to somatic cell count, which is an important measure of milk quality.

Somatic cells are white blood cells that help form milk, protect against disease and boost the immune system.

The number of somatic cells that are present in a cow’s milk will indicate how healthy the cow is.

Less somatic milk cells means healthier cows producing healthier milk.

Research indicates that milk from Irish cows have a lower somatic cell count (means higher milk quality) than milk produced from USA cows. 10

This is attributed to Ireland’s tough regulatory policies about dairy products and the country’s long standing tradition of operating small, family-run dairy farms.

As a result, Ireland has become the world’s 10th largest dairy exporter.

There are more than 18,500 of such farms, that combined, produce over 1.4 trillion gallons of milk each year. 11

2. The milk is from cows that spend most of their time outdoors eating grass

It’s very beneficial for cows to spend a lot of time outdoors grazing grass. Studies have proven this to be true. 

The more grass a cow eats, the more nutritious the fat in their milk and beef is. 12, 13, 14

However, there is a caveat. If you see a supplement company claiming that their whey protein powder comes from grass fed cows, be skeptical.

Taking just one bite of grass for a brief period of time at some point in its life technically qualifies the cow to be labeled “grass fed”, with no regulatory authority verifying this claim.

Winners Whey is made with milk that comes from cows that spend the majority of time grazing grass outside. This ensures healthier herds and thus, higher quality milk.

You’ve heard of rBGH, right? rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) is a genetically altered growth hormone that is injected into cows to boost their milk production.

Studies state that consuming milk from cows that have been given such hormones can increase the risk of disease in some people and that further research is necessary. 15

The cows milk used to make Winners Whey does NOT come from cows that have been given modified growth hormones.

When cows get sick it’s common for them to be given an antibiotic to get healthy again.

This is regarded as being necessary to help protect their health and well-being against future disease.

However, when this occurs, small amounts of antibiotic can find its way into the cow’s milk, making it unhealthy to consume.

Winners Whey comes from cow milk, whose cows are NOT being treated with antibiotics. Such cows are tested to be drug-free, which ensures tainted milk doesn’t find its way into your stomach.

3. Superior flavor and texture

Whey from Ireland is known to be more delicious and creamy than whey from the USA.

Give it a try and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

No Artificial Flavors, Food Dyes, or Unnecessary Fillers

Artificial flavors just aren’t needed, which is why you won’t find any in Winners Whey. Natural flavors taste just as good.

Many protein powders contain imitation food dyes called “azo dyes.”

They are labelled as FD&C Yellow #5 (aka tartrazine), FD&C Blue #1 (aka brilliant blue), and FD&C Red #40 (aka allura red ac) just to name a few.

Some say that consuming food dyes isn’t very harmful to your health. However, studies indicate that ingesting such chemicals can cause various types of harm within your body.16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23

The Bottom Line

Winners Whey is a natural whey protein isolate powder made from excellent cows milk that comes from green, small Irish dairy farms.

Naturally flavored, it contains NO artificial food dyes, bulk fillers, or unnecessary ingredients.

Try Winners Whey today if you want a clean, natural, delicious whey protein isolate powder without any useless excipients.

We’re confident that you’ll love it, which is why we offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose. 

You can look forward to drinking delicious, high-protein, low-calorie shakes that will quickly help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Winners Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate Supplement Facts

DIRECTIONS: Mix one (1) scoop with 8-10 fl oz (237-296 ml) of water, milk, or your favorite beverage. Adjust liquid level for your desired flavor. Take either pre and/or post-workout or between meals to support daily protein intake.

a) Take whey protein powder anytime to meet your daily protein needs.

b) Whey protein powder is very effective for muscle growth when taken post-workout because it digests quickly and has lots of leucine.

So take 1-2 scoops after training to give your body more protein to boost muscle protein synthesis.

c) Taking whey protein powder pre-workout is also beneficial but it depends on when you last ate protein.

If several hours have passed before you’ve eaten protein, you’ll have low levels of amino acids before training.

In this case, taking whey protein powder before training can help you build muscle quickly.

So take one (1) scoop before training if you haven’t eaten at least 20 grams of protein in the previous two (2) hours.

WARNING: Do not use if: you are pregnant, nursing, under the age of 18, experience any adverse effects, or the seal is broken or missing upon receipt. Consult a physician prior to use if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.

Use only as directed.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Keep out of the reach of children.


1. How is Winners Whey Protein different from other whey protein?

The adage “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to whey protein powders.

Many shady supplement companies like to offer a “blend” of whey protein where they add a trace amount of whey protein isolate and/or hydrolysate (the good stuff) to low quality whey concentrate.

They then trick you with their marketing by emphasizing the isolate or hydrolysate despite its very small amount.

Always remember to check the Supplement Facts on the label to see what the first ingredient is.

If it says whey concentrate, then it means that whey concentrate is the main ingredient since ingredients are listed in descending order based on their amount.

Also, if your serving size (usually one scoop) is 35 grams but there is just 20 grams of protein per serving, that’s usually a red flag.

A high quality protein powder has:

a) The first ingredient listed as whey concentrate, whey isolate, or whey hydrolysate

b) No other types of whey protein mixed in

c) A serving size that’s very close to the amount of protein per scoop (it’ll never be exact because of the other needed flavor, sweetening, and anti-clumping ingredients

d) No added amino acids such as BCAAs and/or glutamine - this is known as amino spiking and is misleading because they are included in the total amount of protein per serving.

Winners Whey Protein Isolate passes these tests and is a high quality protein powder...

Is it 100% whey protein isolate.

Every serving is mainly protein with little to no carbohydrates and fat. (The flavor determines the macro amounts).

No amino acids have been added.

It’s made with high quality milk from Irish dairy farms known for their exceptional quality.

The milk comes from antibiotic and hormone free cows.

It has no junk fillers or artificial food dyes.

It has no hormones, MSG, GMOs, gluten, or soy.

It’s 100% naturally flavored.

It’s absolutely delicious (and that’s based on customer feedback)

Try Winners Whey Protein Isolate if you want a premium, healthy and delicious whey isolate.

2. Why does it have soy lecithin?

Soy lecithin is commonly used to balance the mix of ingredients in food.

Winners Whey Protein Isolate has only a small amount (200mg) of soy lecithin per serving.

Soy protein, and not soy lecithin, is what may cause men to experience feminizing effects. 1

Unless you have a soy allergy, consuming this small amount of soy lecithin is harmless. 2



3. Why offer whey isolate instead of whey hydrolysate?

Many whey hydrolysates are made from either pure whey isolate or a blend of concentrate and isolate and a process called hydrolysis, which crumbles the amino acids into smaller pieces for smooth digestion.

Hydrolysis does not improve the quality of the protein but adds to its cost.

While you’re often told you’ll get better results by taking whey hydrolysate, there is a lack of evidence to uphold this claim.

For this reason, whey isolate was chosen.

4. How much protein should I consume per day?

You can consume whey protein powder anytime to help you reach your daily protein goals.

However, the amount of supplemental protein to consume versus food protein is still scientifically uncertain.

Therefore, it’s a safe bet to get at least 50% of your daily protein from whole food sources in order to maintain a healthy diet.

5. Can I gain muscle faster if I take Whey Protein after working out?

If you consume it post-workout, whey protein is very effective in building muscle quickly because it digests quickly and has a very high leucine content.

So fast digesting protein and high leucine levels trigger more muscle growth. 1

Studies even show that whey is a very potent type of post-workout protein. 2

Therefore, you should take 1 - 2 servings Winners Whey Protein Isolate after working out to give your body a sufficient amount of protein to boost muscle protein synthesis.



6. Is it beneficial to consume whey protein before a workout?

It might be good for you to take whey protein before your workouts depending on when you last ate protein pre-workout.

Research shows that eating protein pre-workout will and won’t improve muscle growth after training, and this causes some confusion. 1, 2

It’s important to remember the last time you ate protein prior to your pre-workout meal.

Why? Because your body needs 2-6 hours to fully digest the nutrients it eats and if you ate a large amount of protein 1-2 hours before your workout, the amino acid level in your blood would already be high when you start working out.

In this case, eating protein pre-workout won’t help you build more muscle.

Conversely, if more than six (6) hours have passed since you last ate protein and/or the amount of protein in your last meal was small, the amino acid level in your blood would be small when you start working out.

In this case, eating protein pre-workout can help you build muscle faster. 3

So if you haven’t eaten at least 20 grams of protein 1 - 2 hours before working out, take one (1) serving of Winners Whey Protein Isolate pre-workout to quickly gain muscle.




7. How does whey protein isolate compare to casein protein for muscle gain?

Casein protein digests slower than whey protein isolate and there is data to show that it can result in more muscle gains long-term. 1

Nevertheless, this data isn’t very conclusive.

Other research indicates that when it comes to nourishment either before or after your workout, whey protein is very impressive and is frequently used. 2

Remind yourself that most of your daily protein should come from food. Protein powder just supplements your daily intake.



8. What should I do if Winners Whey Protein Isolate is too strong or sweet?

Just add more water to find your tolerance level.

If that doesn’t help, then please let us know so we can enhance the product.

9. What should I do if Winners Whey Protein Isolate isn’t sweet enough?

Just add a slightly sweet beverage (almond or rice milk) to find your tolerance level.

10. Is Winners Whey Protein Isolate gluten-free?


11. Can vegetarians take Winners Whey Protein Isolate?

Yes, since none of its ingredients come from meat.

2 reviews for Winners Whey Protein Isolate Powder 2lbs 30 Servings

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    25g protein, 100 calories, 30g scoop. Does not get much better than that. Tastes like proper chocolate as well. No weird ingredients

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Mario Lazu

    Only had about 4 scoops of this protein so far. The taste is good, (not the biggest chocolate protein fan) it mixed well in a shaker cup with almond milk. The biggest draw for me was the macros. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a protein powder. Only 1 carb, zero fat, low calorie, and the protein content doesn’t suffer because of these. Basically, a lot of zeros and low single digit numbers where you want them and high numbers on what you do want! 👍🏽👍🏽

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